Go into a spiritual battle
When the big silence of the demonic realm starts

The first book of series, follows a young boy named Josh with astounding prophetic abilities. When Josh and his parents are in a catastrophic car crash, Josh is the only one who understands that it was no accident. Moments before the collision, Josh reveals information about the other car involved; moments after, he dies at the scene in what is later explained as a Near Death Experiences (NDE). Dr. Julie Bond, a psychologist studying NDEs, takes on Josh’s case at a nearby hospital and hopes the boy’s experience will help her prove the existence of the human soul. Josh takes Julie to the edge of science and religion, where nothing can be proven in the normal way.

Dr. Julie isn’t the only one with her sights set on Josh. Will Ridmoore is after the boy too. Driven by a host of inner voices, Will has to be in precise places at certain times—like in the intersection where Josh and his parents were passing through, just in time for a collision. Will’s demons have inhabited the Earth for a very long time: they were those very same expelled by Jesus. They are from the Legion of the Gadarenes. Their goals haven’t changed much in all these years; they’re still tempting and possessing people all over the world, inside and outside the church, working to alienate humankind from God.

World War S—The Silence Begins follows a diverse cast of characters whose seemingly disparate threads of reincarnation, psychic ability, occult sects, underground churches, and addiction connect in shocking ways, and all the while the spiritual forces are pulling the strings.

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Overview of book 2
The storyline of the Book 2 follows the demonic inluence till Vatican

The story continues in Book 2. We learn more about the origins and nature of Josh’s prophetic abilities. A psychiatrist claims that the boy is a reincarnation of his grandfather who was killed by a bullet through his heart; that’s why Josh was born with a heart malfunction. But Julie Bond, his doctor, finds out that it’s not the boy’s soul that was reincarnated—it’s the familial spirit passed down through the generations of his family that made Josh’s heart defect to appear as reincarnation. Josh’s mother sought help from her pastor to expel the spirit from the boy before his heart transplant; but the Gadarenes Demonic Legion wants the boy back and they’re not giving up without a fight. Meanwhile, they’re using their control over William Ridmoore to take over the congregation of a wealthy TV-evangelist whose mysterious death is under investigation. Will replaces the faithful members with those bound to the lusts of the world and occultism.